intro Since 1975 Greta Fennis is spending a lot of time in Africa. She fell in love with this continent, its culture, the people, art and of course the beautiful scenery. Each African country has its own art and painting style. Many markets were visited by her all over Africa, in particular Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and South Africa.This resulted in bringing back to Holland many souvenirs, which were received very enthusiasticly by many friends. introShe decided to start her own business, called Moyo African Art. Moyo means “heart“ in Swahili.

Many African artists use bright colours and their paintings represent animals most of the time. Nowadays however, other subjects are chosen as well. These pieces of art radiate simplicity and strength. You can see this kind of painting particularly in Tanzania. A few of the painters Moyo African Art works with, have had exhibitions in Japan, United States and Europe. Abdallah Saïdi for instance, was selected to decorate the Tanzanian pavilion at the Hannover “World Fair“ in 2000. Mr. Mkura has been invited many times to Japan. The artists use diluted oil paint for their canvasses and panels.

All the sculptures you see on this site originate from West-, Central-, East- and South Africa.

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